In conversation with Allison Glenn


Allison Glenn's love for vintage and an aesthetically pleasing sense of mystery visibly shows if you quickly scroll down her Instagram page. She's living in New York, for now... and she's the first to curate a selection of SVNRS for us.


Can you tell me about how your love for vintage began and how it exists now?

Buying vintage really began resource for me growing up. I'm from a small town where the the closest mall or shopping was far away, and I didn't have much money. For that reason everyone was shopping at the same stores, and buying the same mass produced clothing looking like each other. Which is fine, but didn't feel right to me. I started going to Salvation Army, Goodwill and various thrift stores or stealing my grandfathers old tee shirts and sweaters. I did my own research, looking at fabrics and textures seeing which ones lasted and which took wear faster. Hand me downs were also popular in my house. Emotional attachments form in ways like this; giving life to old things, feeling the lives that my friends and family had given them. Furniture and interiors only followed as I got older.


What is one of your most cherished vintage pieces?

Old Jil, Prada thong back dress, a thrifted sheer dress from Amsterdam.


How would you define your personal style?

Not unlike most things, pieces I've accumulated over time have been choices dictated by sensory elements in some way. It's more how I respond to a specific texture on by body, or the way a silhouette moves. There's something interesting about putting on a suit or coat with a certain cut that can alter your shape I appreciate. Things like weight and composition also source an emotional attachment to clothing for me as well. I guess its partially technical?


How do you keep your mind stimulated?

Actively trying to engage with people not like myself, learning from the knowledge they have. Other times being alone with my thoughts can be just as stimulating.


Something you’ve loved for a long time?

Animals specifically dogs.


What’s your ultimate favourite movie?

Film is one of my biggest loves, I could never pick one.


Life song?

Probably something melancholy, I love a good sad.


Words to live by...