Our fabric

Our jersey stretch items are made from recycled polyamide sourced from Italy. This fabric is produced through a series of eco-friendly procedures aimed at minimizing water, energy, and chemical use, as well as reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Our fabric supplier holds the Oeko-Tex certification, ensuring that it is produced in an environmentally safe manner, free from harmful substances, and posing no risks to human health. Polyamide, distinct from polyester, uses more responsible polymers. While non-biodegradable, polyamide fibers are recyclable and known for their durability, ease of care, and longevity.

Designed specifically for sports and swimwear, our fabric offers technical advantages. It combines comfort with breathability, quick-drying properties, lightweight feel, and resistance to pilling. Additionally, it retains its shape, stays wrinkle-free, and includes UV protection to prevent sun-induced discoloration.

One of our most frequently asked questions relates to sweat visibility in our items. Polyamide is breathable because it naturally controls moisture. It quickly moves moisture away from the body, keeping the material dry. If a sweat mark does appear, it dries quickly due to the fabric's quick-drying benefit.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@reyem.shop.